Amazing Grace Community Church

A mission church in Lethbridge, AB


Our Vision

“Embracing the Love of Jesus we live and share the transforming Gospel so that the City of Lethbridge will become a light of renewed hope.”


Amazing Grace Community Church desires to be witness for the Gospel in the City Lethbridge by people who share a vision Embracing Jesus and Sharing the Hope of the Gospel. We desire to be an integral part of the city of Lethbridge by serving our city and providing a way in which people can learn what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.


Amazing Grace is a Not-for–Profit group that not only meets for a time of worship on Sundays but also provides ways in which all people can know what it means to be a follower of Jesus, that is, to understand what faith is and grow in their relationship with God through Jesus, to develop and grow in their faith.


Pastor Rohan Crown

Rohan Crown (born and raised in Australia) is a graduate of Mississippi College and Reformed Theological Seminary-Jackson. Rohan and his wife Rebecca have served with Desire Street Ministries in New Orleans working with Inner-City African American Boys and Rohan served as Assistance Pastor of Crestwood PCA in Edmonton. The last five years Rohan and his wife Rebecca have been praying and preparing to see this Amazing Grace a reality and God hasn’t  disappointed.

”Coming to Canada in 2003 God gave us a passion for Canada and for Church Planting. Now with three children (two born and raised Canadians) this passion has over flowed with a hope to see a nation transformed by the Gospel. By being located in this beautiful city of Lethbridge our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will sweep through this city and see people of all ages experience true life in Christ.”


LINKS of Interest:

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