One of the exciting things we have seen is how Amazing Grace has grown. As we grow so the need to have leaders who are going to help provide leadership in important ministry areas. Below are some people who have agreed to assist in providing important leadership for Amazing Grace. All these leaders are working under my oversight to help see Amazing Grace become the Church God has called it to be. If you have any questions about any of these ministries please don’t hesitate to contact that ministry leader.


Discipleship Ministries – Rohan Crown – email:

As we grow in numbers it is important that we grow in depth. The Discipleship Ministry at Amazing Grace focus is to help our community (of all ages) to grow in relationship with Jesus and learn how to cultivate that relationship. We aim to do this through many avenues through the preaching of God’s Word each Sunday, Sunday Morning Kids Time, Gospel Life Discipleship, Community Groups and gathering men and women in prayer. So whether as an individual, accountability partners (2 or 3), Community Groups (8-12) or the Amazing Grace as a whole people will have a place where they can grow.


Community & Fellowship Ministries – Ellis Veenendaal – email:

One of our values at Amazing Grace is Authentic Community. Therefore we need places, times and events where this is facilitated. My goal is to provide/organize regular times and places of fellowship (mostly including food) where we can encourage relationship and foster care and concern for each other as people in and surrounding the Amazing Grace Church  Community.


Mercy & City Outreach Ministries – Rebecca Crown – email:

When Jesus was on earth He emphasized Mercy. So at Amazing Grace we want to Impact Lethbridge with Mercy so people will come to Christ. Impact Lethbridge (for now in particular the North Side) is meeting the needs we have thus far assessed and begin to be a blessing in order to open the doors to and display the Gospel. We are presently doing:*Fall festival,*October-June Amazing Kids,*Amazing Kids family meal,*October Thanksgiving dinner,*once a month Family Fun Nights/BBQ’s (place to invite friends etc.),*meals/helps within Amazing Grace and *directing and journeying with people within Amazing Grace in areas help is needed.


Sunday Coordination Ministries – Jaclyn Dekens – email:

Sunday morning doesn’t happen by accident, so as we grow so the need to make sure we are ready to go each Sunday where people can feel welcome to worship God. Therefore it takes many people to help make sure we meet the growing needs of Sunday Morning. So I oversee and create schedules for Sunday set-up coordination and snack teams to develop community through serving each other.  Thank you to all those who serve Amazing Grace weekly!!!


Worship & Music Ministries –

Worship is about ascribing to God His worth (1 Chronicles 16:27-29; 2 Kings 17:36) Worship is ultimately for God, not usIn order to worship, people must see God. A study of “worship” throughout the Bible will confront you with a powerful truth. Praise or worship occurs as a response to who God is. Worship is purposeful (Gen. 22:5; Judges 5:3; Psalm 9:1). People don’t worship by accident. Worship must be intentional. Corporate worship is an outflow of what Christians ought to be practicing and living in their everyday lives (Romans 12:1).

As a worship team, we strive to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to worship. So, the best way to help people worship is by understanding worship ourselves, and then living and teaching that truth to those around us. I desire to see people truly enter into worship each Sunday.

I desire for AGCC to sing and select Christ centered songs that exalt Him and put the focus where it should be. I desire to see new, committed musicians and singers to join us to expand this vital ministry

I desire for worship at AGCC to impact and change the lives of those who attend. I would love to see two music teams formed by the end of 2012 and one additional sound man to help us with slides and so und each week.


Amazing Kids (after school program) – Rebecca Crown – email:

Amazing Kids is a FREE Monday after-school program for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 6. For more details visit our website at